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Radio Cafe held an interview with Faith on Tuesday, October 13th, 2009. Host/producer Mary-Charlotte conducted the interview, which you can find at


Did you have a chance to see Faith & Friends
It was held on
Sunday, October 18th, at 4:00 pm at
Vanessie Santa Fe • Continental Grill & Piano Bar

It introduced three new songs from an upcoming Broadway Show
Music by Faith Page / Lyrics by Jack Turner
Sung by Monika Coss & others 




San Diego Citybeat did a review a while back of six San Diego musicians, including Faith. In the article, Kinsee Morlan says, "Everyone has a story, but not everyone has stories as interesting as longtime working musicians. Faith Page, who plays piano and sings a few nights a week at the Westgate Hotel's Plaza Bar, calls piano bars 'the trenches' because the work is as hard--but it's also fun. Despite long hours, less-than-stellar pay and, at times, a half-attentive audience that only claps a third of the time, performers seem to love their jobs. ... Faith Page can sing in eight different languages. But that's not what makes her such a damn-good entertainer. In the right situation, with the right people, a performance by Page can be what she calls 'goosebump material.'"


In the CD review of "Magic",  the October 21, 2004 edition of the San Diego Reader in San Diego, said, "Singer/songwriter Faith Page sings in Spanish, French, Italian, German, Greek, Hebrew and Portuguese, but when she sings in English,  her vocals are a hybrid of  Heart's Ann Wilson and the inflections of Rush Frontman [and] Geddy Lee..."    "...the guttural German sounds a little odd initially...the rolling melody coalesces into a truly beautiful song."  "...'Morning in Seattle' is another original with a balmy melody that sounds like something from ABBA.  The feeling spills over into 'Eyes of Tai'..." (Note that this article is not available online...)


The Seattle Times, in a December 14, 1990  review of the Ceasar's Club in Seattle, said of Faith, "The vocalist and unofficial leader is Faith Starchman [Page], whose rich alto voice seems to slip into a different costume for every song - torch, jazz blues, clarinet, Spanish, Italian and French.  Her version of Edith Piaf's "Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien" and "Mi lor" are showstopping.  ([Faith] did a show last year at the Crepe de Paris Cabaret in Rainier Square; French owner Annie Agostini said, ``She sound a beet like Piaf, non? The meaning of ze words, you know, she can feel zem.'')

The "Crepe de Paris Cabaret" in Rainier Square (mentioned above) is the International Cabaret that Faith started there. It was a popular venue that went on for some time.


The song, "Just Me" on the "Magic" CD was written for an original Theatre Play put on in Northern Idaho.  On Oct. 17, 1984,  The Kellogg Evening News had a full length photo of Faith on the front page,  with the caption,  "Preparing for the Play".  Under the picture is written:  "Gail Noyes is shown helping Faith Starchman [Page] prepare for a performance in "One Last Chance" a Valley Community Theatre play...   "[Faith's] part calls for vocal numbers as well as dancing and playing the piano.  She wrote two of the songs for the production and did the arranging for all ten numbers used in the play."


A later edition of the same newspaper said of Faith, "...the song "Just Me",  written and sung by the lead actress, Faith Starchman [Page], brought a standing ovation tonight..."



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