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Faith Page (née Faith Starchman) is a unique entertainer with a very special style. The child of American parents, she was born in Guatemala City when her concert violinist father was there for an engagement. Her musical training began with the violin at five years old and the piano at six. Her first stage experience was at the age of seven when she played the Bach Double Concerto for Two Violins with her father. She then went on to learn to play ten different musical instruments and started writing and arranging her own compositions at eleven years old. As the oldest of seven children, she sang and played all over the world with her family which was much like the Von Trapp Family. In college, she majored in music and studied under a wonderful vocal instructor named Lou Kelly, who was a pupil of Olaf.

Faith currently sings in English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Greek, Hebrew and Portuguese. She has written more than 25 published songs, 16 of which are in Spanish. She has been on several radio shows around the world. Some of her songs have enjoyed radio play in the U.S., Canada, Russia, Germany and Hungary. Known by her maiden name (prior to her marriage to Derek Page), The Rainier Club of Seattle Washington chose Faith to do the French Bicentennial Cabaret Show, attended by many French dignitaries.

Faith's hit song, "Morning in Seattle" was written up in both the Seattle Times, and the Chicago Tribune. She appeared on KING talk radio with Bob Hardwick (now deceased) with the song. The song then went on to be introduced to the city by Larry King, well-known DJ of the "Morning Show" on KOMO radio (Seattle's largest AM station). This lively tune became a huge hit in Seattle, where it was unanimously voted onto the station's computer by the board. It enjoyed radio play twice a day for at least two years. From there, it moved to surrounding cities and then to Canada, Russia and England.

Faith was also on Laura Lee's "Into the Night" talk show on KING radio, featuring "Morning in Seattle" and "Just Me"--a song she wrote for an original musical. Her CD, "MAGIC,"contains four of her originals, including the two songs mentioned above, and other well-loved songs in six different languages.

Faith performed for many years on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings in the award-winning Plaza Bar in the beautiful Westgate Hotel located in downtown San Diego. Having moved back to San Diego from Santa Fe in the past year, Faith currently performs at many venues around the county.

Faith loves to compose for Broadway-style musicals, including her solo work on "Future Reality" and a joint collaboration with lyricist Jack Turner entitled "Wisteria." Faith composed the music for over 20 songs for "Wisteria," including the theme song "Wisteria" and "On The Outside Looking In."



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